Among the top reasons why start-ups fail is because the founders butt heads and our unable to get along. But when you go into business with a sibling, chances are you have probably had at least 20 years to figure out if get along and if you work well together. A lot of us view the concept of 'sibling partnership' as sharing the last cookie in the cookie jar instead of fighting over it. But these siblings took a step further- by starting a business venture together.

With all these thoughts in mind, we started Sara Earthenware- a 'K Sisters' business initiative. It’s all in the family with 4 Kaushik sisters separated with thousands of miles in distance but together always! We have great support from parents and partners. Family is the foundation of this venture!



Best Dinning Room Partner....

Here at Sara Earthenware, we pride ourselves on the strength and exceptional craftsmanship of our pottery. These pottery have been made in Indian villages for over 200 years. Using time-honoured skills and traditions, the clay is turned by hand into beautiful stoneware. We now have over many glazes and a growing range of distinctive colours, shapes and patterns- all hand finished, so no piece is ever exactly the same. In fact , only after being passed through five pairs of hands is each piece then awarded Sara seal of approval. Today we continue to grow from strength to strength, crafting timeless collections that exude Indian heritage and seeking out current trends to create modern ones


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